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Former Member
Oct 13, 2005 at 05:07 AM

finding job id



i loaded a cube from a flat file and i am able to see the records in cube. no issues with that. i just want to find out about this job in sm37. how do i find it. the foll are the ones i tried to find the job id:

1. went to infopkg and in the schedule tab there is a field for jobname and it had only BI_BTCH.

2. went to psa (as i loaded psa and then to targets)tab in rsa1 and found out this tech name, REQU_23D59MAVNX4D56K5CXOU1VHSM. gave this in sm37 jobname and when i executed i am getting like "no job matches the selection criteria". where am i going wrong.

ps: am i finding the job id in the correct way or not? pls help.