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Nov 19, 2013 at 11:04 AM

Universe Promotion from BIAR issue


Hi experts !

I am facing an issue regarding the promotion of universes.

My landscape consist of 4 systems: DEVELOPMENT, TEST, PRE-PRODUCTION, PRODUCTION.

Software versions are:

  • Web application server: Tomcat 6.0.35
  • Business Objects Enterprise
  • DBMS: MySQL 5.1.50

and are the same for all systems.

In DEVELOPMENT system I create the LCM BIAR file containing many objects (web intelligence, crystal report, dashboards, universes), then I

import it in the other systems:

in TEST and PRODUCTION systems everything goes fine but in PRE-PRODUCTION system I get an error ONLY on the promotion of the universes (all

other kinds of object are promoted successfully).

In the Promotion Management Tool I get the error (look at the attached screenshot "error.jpg"):


Resolution Status=Copied, Dependency Status=All the required


are included., Commit Status=Commit attempted and failed., Promotion

Status=Failure : Object Promoted. Update Failed. Error :


[[error.cmsQueryFailedException] 0]




I tried also to import, only in this PRE-PRODUCTION system, a BIAR file containing ONLY one of those universes, but I get the same error.

In attach you find traces of Adaptive Processing Server and CMS of the period while this promotion attempt was running.

Any ideas ?

Thank you very much !