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Nov 18, 2013 at 09:42 PM

BEX Test variable for Calendar Year/Quarter and previous quarters also


Hi Guys,

I am using the variable 0CQUART to get the current calyear/Quar for last 8 calyear/Quarter. For ex cutrrent calendaryear/Quar is 201304 i am using offest to -1 to -7 to get the data from 201201 to 201304. It is working correctly. I want display the test also for same quearters. Do we have any standard text varaibles for displaying the current caldenar year/Quarter with last quartes also. I am using the one variable &0CQUARTT& but it is dipalying always 201204 for all quarters offest is not working. do we have any other varaibles to display the test for currecnt calyear/quar and previous calyear/quar aso.

PLease share ur ideas on this.