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Nov 18, 2013 at 08:33 PM

Modified sca file is missing from NWDI and OS level. How to create it again.


The upgrade of a Portal system (7.0 -> 7.4) is stuck until I provide a deployable archive for SAP_ESS at the target release level. Component SAP_ESS is under NWDI control, but this Portal system came from a merger years ago, and we don't have their NWDI system or their sca files. My question:

Can I export an SCA file somehow out of the Portal system (e.g. using Visual Admin, configtool, Netweaver Administrator)?

Once I have their SCA file, I believe I can proceed by importing it into our NWDI system along with the standard SAP sca, compare the two, and apply the differences to the new release level.

Warm Regards,