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Nov 18, 2013 at 08:12 PM

2 HANA Modeling Questions (urgent - appreciate it)


Hello experts,

Need your assistance.

1) In Attribute View, we can't have a table having joins coming from 2 different sources/tables in Attribute View.

For example, table MARC has join coming in from AUFK and AFKO. (even though before this would work at attribute level, it would fail at calculation view level).

I've tried this now and it seems to work at calculation level = confused But concerned it may not be consistent or cause other issues.

Is it still incorrect to have joins coming into a table from 2 or more different tables in Attribute View?


If it is allowed, anyone have documentation from SAP, maybe a patch resolved it - so documentation of that will help? I have to show the client.


2) I have a simple scenario where I only want data for the last 60 days. Unfortunately, in Attribute view you can only use a hard value. I can't put system date nor a hard coded date because the date is dynamic.

So At the calculation level I created a filter expression at projection node. But now() is not recognized here either.

So I'm stuck with getting all the data from the Attribute view. Then filtering. But that's effecting the performance significantly.

Is there a way to dynamically retrieve data only for the last 60 days from the Attribute View?

Thanks in advance.