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Nov 18, 2013 at 05:18 PM

Custom Business object getting called without Delegation



I have an existing Workflow getting called upon CREATE/CHANGE events of BUS2032(Sales order). Now I have an another requirement to call another Workflow for Sales Orders but based on certain conditions(which can not be handled in SWEC condition Editor). The conditions for new Workflow are not valid for the old one. Neither can I check those conditions within the same old Workflow.

So, I thought of creating ZBUS2032 having subtype as BUS2032 with NO Delegation and trigger the CREATED/CHANGED for this ZBUS2032 from within the Code based on my conditions.


1. I have not maintained any entry in SWEC for this new Z object.

2. No entries have been maintained even for BUS2032 as standard code triggers the CREATED/CHANGED events.


1. An entry exists for BUS2032.CHANGED to trigger the old Workflow.

2. I have only maintained 2 entries to handle my new Workflow upon trigger of these ZBUS2032.CREATE/CHANGE events.

The issue is, when ZBUS2032.CHANGED is triggered from within my code, the Old Workflow is also getting triggered along with mine, so it is getting triggered twice - once with BUS2032.CHANGED and 2nd time with ZBUS2032.CHANGED. I have checked everywhere, the Old Workflow is not getting triggered from any custom FM/program/User Exit.

I know, I can put a Check FM to stop the old Workflow from getting triggered if event is ZBUS2032.CHANGED. I can also create a new event in ZBUS2032 instead of CHANGED and trigger it, but I want to understand how ZBUS2032.CHANGED is triggering other workflow without any Delegation and any entry in SWE2.

Thanks in Advance.