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Nov 17, 2013 at 07:21 PM

Schedule Backups



I´m following the note 1588316 - SYB: Configure automatic database and log backups

I´ve created the stored procedures for backup and log. I´ve launch (1> dump database P01 using config = 'P01DB' 2> go) for Backup database and the dump file was created correctly but If I try to do the same with log stored procedure(1> dump transaction P01 using config = 'P01LOG' 2> go)

I get this message error:

DUMP TRANsaction to a dump device is not allowed while the trunc. log on chkpt. option is enabled. Disable the option with sp_dboption, then use DUMP DATABASE.

It´s mandatory to execute the different parameters for make the backup?

The process will be this:

use master


sp_dboption SID, ''trunc log on chkpt', 'false'

sp_dboption SID, 'full logging for all', 'true'

After that I must to do a Backup of the database with the dump script, isn´t? Then I need to execute the follow parameter

sp_dboption SID'enforce dump tran sequence', 'true'

And then I will be able to make the dump of the DB and Transaction log? Each time that backup of log is made the space of syslog file is empty (truncated/empty)? There was defined by default value of 12 GB

For execute the Script on dbacockpit like a job in the screen of SQL script I must to put this, isn´t?

dump database P01 using config = 'P01DB'


Are there any option for backup the transaction log when is about 90% busy?

I must to create another stored procedured for the backup of db master?