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Nov 16, 2013 at 06:43 PM

Optimised data loading in APO- BW


Hi every one,

My requirement is to load data from Enterprise BW to APO BW for planning in APO.

my source is info cube in Enterprise BW. I have to derive some characteristics info objects in APO BW based on transaction data from EBW.

For this purpose I am using write optimised DSO as staging in APO BW and in transformations I am writing routines to load data

Into derived info objects in APO BW. Then I am loading data from write optimised DSO to standard info cube. Here I am using so much of ABAP CODING.

So my data flow in APO BW will be

INFO CUBE ------> WDSO -------> INFO CUBE

( Standard BW). APO BW APO BW

I am doing weekly loads to WDSO from EBW Cube AND monthly loads to info cube from WDSO with full update.

Is there any chance I can optimize the performance in APO BW side according to best standards.

Very much appreciate you guys for the help

Thank you.