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Nov 15, 2013 at 04:28 PM

How do I read the external ID of a user from USREXTID?



Since BAPI_USER_GET_DETAILS no longer supports External ID maintenance (read bapiusergetdetail-error--info-message-nu00b0538and usergetdetail-error), how does one get/set the different types of external IDs for a user?

There are two scenarios I'm targeting:

  1. User exists - I want to read/update his external IDs
  2. User doesn't exist - I want to create him and set his external IDs

The only way which I found to at least read the data is by using RFC_READ_TABLE and reading & parsing the USREXTID table (idea from is-ther-a-bapi-or-rfc-that-can-read-any-table-), but this is more a dirty hack than anything else.

Any ideas are welcome. Ideally, this method would be supported on older releases as well.