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Nov 15, 2013 at 02:23 PM

SAP GTS 10.1 - Canada HTS Code - Fully Qualified Tariff Schedule not populated Automatically


Hi Team,

We are working on the SAP GTS Upgrade 10.1 and we have an issue with populating the "Fully qualified tariff schedule" automatically for the CCI - Canadian Commercial Invoice. The Billing documents are transferred from ECC to GTS and following is the path where we have the issue:

Txn "/SAPSLL/MENU_LEGAL" --> Customs Management --> Export --> Export Tab --> Display Outbound Activities (Click the execute Icon against it) --> Document Data in Feeder System --> Reference Number(input invoice number and execute).

We input the Invoice number transferred from ECC and execute. In the following screen, Under Import--> Import Declaration --> Customs Import --> We either have the closed or the open documents. We enter into the document. In the Item Details-->General Data tab, we have the field "Fully qualified tariff schedule" which is required to be populated automatically but it populates only if we click the "Transfer Classification" Button. The screen prints are given below.

Please advise on what could be the root cause for this issue and what all need to be checked/validated to confirm that everything is in place.

Thank you



CCI Image1.jpg (125.6 kB)