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Nov 15, 2013 at 01:51 PM

Light Viewer for native Webi


I went looking around for any previous threads and found one..

We are looking at a similar situation. A Webi report with some basic interactivity (filter on reporting personnel) being sent to managers. Sending as PDF is ok...but to get full capabilities to replace an Excel application, we need to have native Webi.

The issue comes in the fact the end users are not always able to be online. So how can they view the Webi as Webi not PDF, locally..

And we do not want to reploy the entire Rich Client to everyone. They cannot design/develop reports...only consume..this client is over kill for that. never mind its part of the entire enterprise tool install,not standalone again way too much for these users.

The reports will have all data within, so no need to be online at all.

There is no basic reader like Adobe has for PDFs?

I have seen interactive PDFs in dashboard tool demos from another vendor. Very interesting concept.

ideas here anyone?