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Nov 15, 2013 at 01:09 PM

Fixed Lot size in Standard cost estimate


Hi Experts,

Issue: When standard cost estimate is run, the conversion cost of sfgs are being proportioned as per the required quantity of sfg. But the conversion costs are based on capacity and changes only on slab basis.

Requirement: The costing lot size of sfgs (for conversion cost purpose) to be taken based on group and group counter maintained in material master and the same to fixed

Example : If the SFG Conversion cost = Activity price * 1 Machine hours ( slab = 100 -120 KGs). Means if the SFG required is 100 or 110 or 120, conversion cost remains same.

FG1 100KG

SFG Required - 110 KG

FG2 100KG

SFG Required- 115 KG

In both the FGs the SFG Conversion cost has to be same.

Please advise on how to achieve this in CK40N?

We achieved this in CK11N through 'Always pass on Lot size' in OKKN. We need this in CK40N where it is disallowing (Note 390316).

Your quick response is appreciated.

Best Regards