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Oct 12, 2005 at 12:20 PM

Txn: QM02: ABAP Debugging: Found 'swc_set_element'


Hi all,

My Client has asked to enhance the Transaction QM02 by adding some Notification Information in the <b>Action Box</b> especially Editable window that comes after clicking <i><b>Send Standard Email</b></i> .

In this Editable Window, we are able to enter some details that are to be sent to the recipent.

But my requirement is to put some details about the Notification in this Screen Automatically!!! (ie when SAP brings this Editable Window, it should contain some information about the Notification.)

So When I looked in the DEBUGGing, I found a FM (QM06_FM_TASK_SEND_PAPER_ATTACH) that handles the Email manangement.

After having a deep look, I found some statements such as



I am really not sure about these statement.


1. Could anybody help me out in exploring the details about these statements ???

2. What should I do to bring some predefined information in this Editable Screen automatically ??