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Nov 15, 2013 at 05:04 AM

Org Data Profile Issue for Rule- 10000144


Hello All,

I need to determine my sales area(Sales Org Distribution Channel, Division) in my service request, I have copied the standard org data profile 000000000008 to Z and assigned the rule 10000144- Sales Areas Inclusive Master Data.

In ppoma_crm

My org structure is

Sales/Service Org- Marked for org data determination

Sales OfficeA- Marked for org data determination

Sales OfficeB- Marked for Org Data determination

The sold to party is assigned only one sales area which includes the specific sales office which is assigned to it.

Now when I enter the sold to party in the service request the system displays the sales area, I am facing two issues namely.

1) But it is also showing the sales office in the sales org block which is not correct, please advice

2) Also the specific sales area of the BP along with its sales office should get determined. Please advice how this can be done.

Kind Regards



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