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Nov 14, 2013 at 05:04 PM

SAP Inventory History tables (MBEWH) in HANA


Dear all,

From SAP Release 4.5, SAP comes with inventory history tables such as MBEWH and MCHBH. However SAP has a specific routine in updating these tables as described previously by Juergen L in Also 'previous period' in MBEW has been replaced by the H-tables.

SAP seems to have specific function modules _EXTEND to use the table in an ABAP environment.

However, I am trying to make sense of these H-tables in HANA through normal SLT load (right now with no transformations) in a simple Analytic View. Exactly though because of the specific logic of updating the logic in SAP, this seems not to be easy at all. When certain months have no material movements for a specific material/plant, there is no record at month/year for that plant/material in the H-table, the inventory gets only updated in the month, previous to the month of the next movement in time, causing serious reconciliation issues.

Does anyone have experience in using the inventory history tables in Hana? Is the solution SLT transformations? Or to use SQL based Calculation Views? There is no HANA Live Content for this.

Thanks a lot,

Stefaan Dochy.