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BPM setup - Number Range setup - Selection Method Field

As part of the BPM setup, I am working on setting up alerts for Number ranges. The object types am trying to setup are PO Numbers, Invoice number and Sales Order Number.

As part of the setup in BPM for Number ranges, one of the Mandatory field is 'SELECTION METHOD'. I was able to retrieve the object type for Number range object but do not see any values for SELECTION METHOD. Unfortunately this is a mandatory field and need to be populated for activating the NUMBER RANGE obect. Any idea what this field is and where is it configured. Are the values for SELECTION FIELD populated from the managed system or in Sol Man.

Steps to Duplicate the issue:



3. Select - SETUP BUSINESS PROCESS MONITORING under common tasks section

4. Select a pre-defined solution

5. Drill down and open Business Processes

6. Highlight a Process or Process step on the left pane

7. Select CREATE button on the right pane to select the monitoring object NUMBER RANGES

8. Populate the NR object (EINKBEL or RV_BELEG or )RF_BELEG)

9. Select the field SELECTION FIELD for values

See the attached screen shot.

Any help is appreciated.


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1 Answer

  • Posted on Nov 27, 2013 at 05:00 PM

    Hi Ajay

    There are three ways (1, 2, 3) of defining the filling level thresholds for selection method.

    1 - Alert According to Filling Level which has been maintained in the selection screen

    The filling level threshold can be maintained directly in the selection , and is then valid for all selected number range objects. If the current filling level of a number range is higher than this threshold value, the number range is critical.

    Example: You have defined an interval from 1 to 1000 for NR object xyz. The current number range level is 920. That means that the current filling level is 92%. If you have entered e.g. 90% in the selection field "Filling level > x(%)" as a threshold, the NR object xyz will be critical.

    2 - Alert According to Customizing values (Field: TNRO-PERCENTAGE)

    In the customizing of the managed system a warning message threshold is set for each number range object (technical field: TNRO-PERCENTAGE). This value refers to the percentage of numbers remaining in a number range. If you use this selection method, the TNRO-PERCENTAGE values will be taken into account for this BPMON key figure.

    Example: You have defined an interval from 1 to 1000. The current number range level is 970. (filling level 97%, remaining numbers 3%). If you have entered 5% in the field TNRO-PERCENTAGE, the number range object will be critical, as the remaining numbers (in the example 3%) are below the customized value in TNRO-PERCENTAGE.

    3 - Alert According to Filling Level Above and Customizing (TNRO-PERCENTAGE)

    This is a combination of options 1 and 2.

    Example: You will raise an alert if the individual customizing thresholds from option 2 are reached and you want to raise an alert if the filling level is about 95% for a NR object.

    In that case, choose selection option 3 and set the value to 95% in the selection field "Filling level > x(%)".

    Further information:

    You can also select the "Only w. No-roll flag" indicator.

    In this case, number range objects are taken into account only if the "No rolling of intervals" indicator is selected ("X" in field TNRO-NONRSWAP). Selecting the "No rolling of intervals" indicator in table TNRO prevents the number range object intervals from automatically starting from the beginning at the upper limit.


    If you want to raise an alert if at least one number range object is identified as critical, set "0" as threshold value in the BPMON set up.

    Hope this information helps

    Best Regards


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