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Nov 14, 2013 at 03:38 PM

time dependant hierarchical characteristic - key date - Hr orgunit


Hello Gurus,

I have a problem with a time dependant hierarchical characteristic in HR which contains departmant hierarchy (0orgunit).

We have the key date variable for Orgunit in the query, and works right when we run the report for one month.

For example, headcount report of 10.2013 with key date 30.10.2013 works right.

But, when we want to get the report for an interval of time, a problem arises.

As the hierarchy is time dependent, we need to have more than one key dates.

For example, in the headcount report of 01.2013 - 10.2013, for each key date, we get different results.

This is completely logical, because there is the need to have multiple key date variable in this case.

What we need is that, if we run the report for a date interval, key date will be each months last day.

I found the following similar posts about the subject, but it doesnt help me too much:

I hope, I cleanly explained the problem. I can give more details, and screenshots if needed.

Thanks a lot!