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Nov 14, 2013 at 01:04 PM

Query related to JAVA Backend Enhancement in Syclo


Hi All,

I have a query regarding the Java Backend Enhancement in Syclo.

What ever product we use whether Work Manager , Inventory Manager or Service Manager we need to enhance the application and the Java code based on the customer requirement.

When it comes to enhancing the Java Backend code there is no enhancement document available in Syclo forum so as to follow the standard procedure.

For example : Suppose we have to create a new Steplet , Stephandler and Bapi class, we create a custom class and extend the already existing classes .

In case of Server and User class. Should we always create the Server and User class or we can make use of the existing classes.

Please explain what is the better way to enhance the Java backend code.

Thanks and Regards

Neha Mahanty