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Nov 14, 2013 at 11:36 AM

Cannot force the page to not print


Hello there

I have an adobe page3 that will contain a text include called LIB

So it is defined as follow

1) data.page3.sub3.LIB::ready:form - (FormCalc, client). sub3 is flowed and the text is printing ok.

2) my page3 data.page3::ready:layout - (FormCalc, client, Propagation activée)

3 I have a test swich gv_onoff defined in the calling program if it is on i will print text "LIB"

IF OFF will not print.

question Iput my script as follow

data.page3::ready:layout - (FormCalc, client, Propagation activée)

if ( data.page3.GV_ONOFF EQ "OFF" )


data.page3.presence = "hidden"


but it is always printing no matter the value ???

CONSIDERING THAT I PUT GV_ONOFF as invisible in page3 itself. shoud it be put in sub3 ?

hanks a lot for your help