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Nov 14, 2013 at 10:19 AM

Migrating Agentry 6.0.x Applications to SMP2.3


Hi All,

I have some queries regarding SMP2.3 architecture. I was primarily working on Syclo Agentry Applications 6.0.x like Inventory Manager, Work Manager, Rounds Manger etc. which was developed or configured using Agentry Eclipse Editor .But I am new to SMP platform and We are planning to configure SMP in our system. My doubt is as follows

1)Since Syclo was having each Agentry servers for every applications like Work Manager, Inventory Manager etc. And now SMP is having only one Agentry server, How will I deploy my old Agentry Applications6.0.x into the server.

2)Agentry Applicaionts6.0.x had its own JAVABE.ini files which had the application name and connection details for Agentry server to connect to backend and Agentry.ini file which contained the port number of each application server services, which the Agentry client used to connect to the server using that port number from the devices. Now in SMP how this JAVABE.ini and Agentry.ini files are configured to distinguish each applications like Inventory Manager, Work Manager etc.

3)Does the Agentry client applications installed in the device for Using Agentry Applications 6.0.x is being changed or updated to work with SMP.??

4)Does the old Agentry applications has to placed in some specific folder in Agentry Server like the applications folder, which was there in the old Agentry server installation path??

Thanks in Advance,

Bince Mathew C