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Nov 14, 2013 at 08:28 AM

How to define Commission in Pricing Procedure


Hi All,

I have a scenario, where I have to pay commission to dealers on sales confirmation. There are slabs for commission paid to dealers based on number of items sold. For example- upto 5 vehicles Rs 10000, for 6 and above Rs 15000 etc.

The complete process followed in SAP is as follows.

1. Advance Billing: Normal Sales Cycle--> VA01--> VL01N--> VF01 (for example: 20 Items)

Dealer A/C----- Dr (20 Items)

Sales A/C-------Cr (20 Items)

2. Sales Report received from Dealers on Sales confirmation- (for example 15 Items)

3. Based on confirmed sales quantities- 20-15 = 5 Items needs to be returned

4. Commission calculated on 15 Items by marketing department

5. Finance Department verifies the commission calculated

6. Created JV for Commission to Dealers


Commission on Sales-----Dr (for 15 Items)


TDS on Commission------Cr

I dont want to post JV manually, instead I want the commission to be charged during the billing point as shown in point 1. Next when there is a return of 5 items, I want the commission to be reversed for the returned number of items.

As per few suggestions in the forum, I need to create Commission as condition type & select scaling as factor to calculate incentive value in condition properties. Assign condition in pricing procedure. Maintain the incentive slabs in VK11.

Now, since there are both sales and sales return and in both scenarios the commission account has to be posted and reversed, please explain how to define this in Pricing Procedure.

Please suggest.