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Nov 14, 2013 at 06:52 AM

BoM Costing non-items e.g. labor


Good day all

We are using SAP B1 ver 9 PL6 in a dual currency environment - Local Currency = USD while System Currency = RAND (South Africa's currency) with Perpetual Inventory set and Moving Average costing set for items.

We are looking for suggestions how best to deal with Labor when used as a non-item on BoM's. Defining the Labor in Item Master as Standard Cost and allocating a cost there works fine and since the local currency is USD this value will be in USD too. Our problem is that Labor is supplied by third parties and priced in RAND and the volatile exchange rate environment leads to problems if we keep Labor at a Standard USD cost.

Is there anyway to use BoM to somehow set the Labor element in a particular BoM to a fixed RAND value for that BoM?

We are testing the Price List option to see if including Labor here in RAND may help but looks like this avenue won't help either.

Your comments are valued.

Best wishes