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Oct 12, 2005 at 03:12 AM

Regarding XIF Interface and Sale Transaction in CRM



I have done the configuration in CRM system using XIF interface to communicate with other system.

We are in the process of implementing CRM, Product and Partner data has to upload in CRM. We are not using R3 for anything.

When i create a sales transaction using transaction code CRMD_ORDER,System allow me to save/create a business transaction even though i can see the error attached to it and at the same time I can see the BDOC number in SMW01.

But i dont see any relevant OUTBOUND IDOC against the BDOC, evenif i have configured it for external system and I was expecting Outbound IDOC with error status, please correct me if i am wrong.

I am using WE02 and WE05 to see my outbound idoc and i have not found anything here.

Am i missing some step in configuration which is required for converting BDOC to IDOC, Please suggest me.

Steps which i followed to configure the system are

1. Create a suitable RFC destination in the SAP IMG Define Target Systems for RFC Calls .

2. Create a logical system.

3. Create a receiver port (transactional RFC) in SAP IMG Define Port, indicating the RFC destination you created earlier.

4. Create a partner profile, for example, partner type LS with the partner number CRM_XML_BC, in the SAP IMG Maintain Partner Profile Manually.

5. Enter all outbound parameters for the logical system CRM_XML_BC in Create Outbound Parameters in the Outbound Parameters window .

6. Create a site (transaction SMOEAC). To do this, select Object Type Sites and Create Object. Assign your site a suitable name and select Site Type External Interface for IDocs. Assign the partner profile created previously as a Site Attribute.

7. Use object type Subscriptions to maintain a subscription for publication of the object with the predefined site.

8. Create an entry for the new site using XIF customizing transaction CRMXIF_C1 via F4 help (BDoc Type = <objname>, IF Type = 'CRMXIF_*_SAVE_M', Set relevant flag for complete Data and Return). The flag Flag for complete data is only relevant for the objects "order", "business partner", and "business partner relationship". It flags whether only delta changes or the object instance should be transferred completely. The object "business document" is always sent completely, regardless of flag status.

Thanks & Regards,

Manoj Tiwari