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Nov 13, 2013 at 06:02 PM

How to change Header Name with global variable value in the output file.


Hi All,

Here is the requriment:

I am developing a job and the output is going to be a csv file. I would like to change few columns header name with global variable value.

Means: how to change a static header name to global varilable name.

For Ex:

Header 1 to 2013-12

Header 2 to 2014-01

Header 3 to 2014-02

The global variable value will keep on change at run time and that value should assigned to Header1, Header2, Header3 correspondingly.

I wanted to handle this in DS rather handling it Unix after the file generation.

I tried Column Attributes by setting Global Variable in the 'Value' field and not getting the desired result.

Pls. let me know is there a possibility to do within DS?