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Oct 11, 2005 at 09:52 PM

Valid Combos & Dynamic columns


We have an activity type variable that is determined via an exit set at the area level. The entries for the activity type are determined by running submitted cost centers against an ODS that has their combinations pre-determined. A filtering process in the exit returns only those activity types that are straight time, or overtime etc etc.

The activity type ‘set’ returned from the exit is later used in the dynamic columns of the planning layout. Transaction data is set to determine the combinations [if this really applies in this case…doesn’t seem to be working].

Now the fun starts.

We have 10 ‘test’ cost centers in the level selection. The activity type exit runs, and a table of ALL the proper activity types is returned, no worries there, BUT no matter which cost centre is selected for the planning layout entry, ALL possible activity types are displayed in the dynamic columns. We want to limit the dynamic columns to only those relevant for the single selected cost center and not for the entire group of 10. Likewise if a new cost centre is selected by the planner, the columns should refresh to the viable set for the new centre.

A shove in the right direction to resolve this would be appreciated.


Brent Mawhinney