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Nov 13, 2013 at 01:19 PM

Rederiving COPA characteristics after changing sales order



We have a scenario where the sales order settles to COPA. The COPA derivation for the field 'profit center' is typically taken from the material master.But if we change the profit center manually at sales order line item level, the COPA segment (which is the settlement receiver) does not change the profit center characteristic. Due to this settlement does not happen because sales order item (sender) has different profit center and COPA segment (receiver) has different profit center.

However, if there is an incompletion log then the correct characteristic is automatically derived and settlement happens successfully.

Also when I click on PSG indicator button, the profit center changes successfully so we are using this as temporary solution.

In this regard I want to know at which point, or using which program is the characteristic rederived? That is, which is the exact trigger point for characteristic rederivation.

If anybody could help please advice.