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Oct 11, 2005 at 06:38 PM

External Facing Website


Confirmation on SR1.

We have an IIS within the DMZ'd, and the WAS/EP (SR1) is on the internal side of the firewall. So the flow would be Internet via http(s) via IIS (port 443) --> Firewall (allowing IP and port 443 --> WAS/EP. Does IisProxy.dll/IisProxy.xml facilitate this scenario without a Reverse Proxy (ISA, Apache, etc.)?

We have enabled SSL via Port 443, but with this flow (without the WAS on the DMZ'd), communication with the IIS and WAS does not work with IisProxy.dll/IisProxy.xml

Internally, this works fine, but aside from IisProxy Module, we have a redirect (index.htm) in IIS redirecting the iis website to the internal was /irj/portal link.

Kindly confirm if we are missing anything to allow external users into our enterprise portal.