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Nov 13, 2013 at 05:51 AM

F-44 Error: The entry EN 3 is missing in table 021T ( Message no. F5100 )


Hello Team,

I am getting this error when i am trying to clear vendor open item through F-44 .

I have checked this issue in SM31 - table T021T- But i have found few entries for EN language & 3 i.e list class of layout here.

And line layout variants for vendor is empty in open items tab in FB00.

Please let me know why i am getting this error even after maintaining the entries in T021T table. I found this SAP Note- 75750 for this issue.

Message no. F5100 - Is this customized error?

But i just cleared the doc. in F-44 after adding one line layout variant in FB00. Is it compulsory to maintain this variant in FB00 ?

Your guidance is helpful to me to fix this issue😊

Thanks & Regards,

Lakshmi S