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Oct 11, 2005 at 05:06 PM

EventFilters problem with SBOApp_MenuEvent


I have a problem with sbo ui, the menu event is not firing when I use eventfilters.

I've tried to use

Set oFilter = oFilters.Add(et_ALL_EVENTS)

oFilter.Add "169"

to give all the events for the application menu and it still dosn't work, now I stopped using the filters until I can find a solution for this.

If anyone has a work around for this pls tell me.

Private Sub SetApplication()

Dim oGui As SAPbouiCOM.SboGuiApi

Dim sConnStr As String

Set oGui = New SAPbouiCOM.SboGuiApi

sConnStr = Command

oGui.Connect sConnStr

Set oApp = oGui.GetApplication()

Dim oFilters As SAPbouiCOM.EventFilters

Dim oFilter As SAPbouiCOM.EventFilter

Set oFilters = New SAPbouiCOM.EventFilters

Set oFilter = oFilters.Add(et_CLICK)

oFilter.AddEx "139"

Set oFilter = oFilters.Add(et_LOST_FOCUS)

oFilter.AddEx "139"

oApp.SetFilter oFilters

End Sub