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Nov 12, 2013 at 11:44 PM

Sales order- Delivery Issue


Hi All,

A sale was created in our Point of sale system (non SAP) on 31.10.2013. Due to some delays, the Idoc created Sales order in SAP on 01.11.2013.

The SO creation date in SAP is 01.11.2013, but the Document
date/Billing date/Requested Delivery date/Pricing date/First date/ PO date was on

The process of creatring Delivery-PGI-Billing is automated. (I'm yet to find out if its through BAPI or???).

In the above case, the Delivery document was created with 'Planned GI date' as 01.11.2013 and Doc date on the Delivery docket is also 01.11.2013, which is correct. But, since the Filed-' Actual GI date' was not populated and left blank, its defaulted the current date. I know this is standard SAP behaviour and the Posting date on the material document is filled using the 'Actual Goods Issue ' date.

Following this, the PGI was carried over with Material document having the posting date as 01.11.2013.

Billing document was created with Billing date as 31.10.2013, because the Billing date on the S.O was 31.10.2013.

Now, to address this issue, what I think about is making use of 'Routines'- Data Transfer- Deliveries.

Auto populate the 'Actual GI date' (LIKP-WADAT_IST) on the Delivery document with the Sales order Document date. (VBAK- AUDAT).

So, when the PGI happens, the Material document will have Posting date as 31.10.2013 (=Document date on the Sales order). Hence forth the COGS does not get stuffed up and the Billing document, as before gets posting date as 31.10.2013..Hence, the Sale booked in October gets COGS hits P&L in same month as of sale (October) and the Billing happens for the same month-October.

Manually, when I work this out, it is OK...Provided the FI & MM periods allows the transcations to post.

When I look at the Routine currently used in VTLA..Copy controls for Sales order and Delivery, I see

standard routine 001-Header being used in Data transfer.

My Question:

1. Am I taking the right approach?

2. I think its better to copy the existing Routine 001-Header and then add our piece of code into it. Assign the new Routine to all identified SO Type- Delivery type in VTLA.

Is there anything else I have missed out? Pleas epoint me in the right direction.