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Nov 12, 2013 at 12:59 PM

percentage of compeltion(degree of processing at wbs level ) in EHP7,SAP HANA not aggregating at wbs element level


to carry out the progress analysis, only for carrying out the processing percentage of completion(degree of processing)

steps which i followed

Created the progress version and assigned it to the controlling area

Maintained the measurement method as 0-100 in plan and actual in wbs and activities

Carried out budgeting

carried out the confirmation of activity (internal and external both) with feasibility to confirm the external activity too

carried out the progress analysis with CNE1 and then display in CNE5

i do not find the POC or degree of processing at WBS element level

also same is the case in transaction code cn41

note that i have tried 0-100/

time prop in plan and actual/

time prop in plan and work in actual (we are not using cost proportional)also we are not maintaining any work

can any one please confirm ,are there any issues in EHP7 SAP HANA for degree of processing ,if no then please forward the exact solution.