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Oct 11, 2005 at 02:47 PM

Extractstr. BIW_CSKB of Ds. 0COSTELMNT_ATTR is view, allows no CustApp


Dear all, Following error in RSA5 (R/3)

Message R8513 in R/3 transaction RSA5 while activating Datasources 0COSTELMNT_ATTR

(R/3; SAP Basis version 6.2 / Application version 4.7 / BW version 3.5). The following message:

'The extraction structure BIW_CSKB of DS 0COSTELMNT_ATTR is a view. This allows no CustApp'.


How to solve this and implement the correct datasource to the infosource in BW and ⚠️ extract the correct (and complete) Coast Element Master data into BW?

0COSTELMNT_ATTR can be found in RSA5:

-CO Controlling

-CO-OM Overhead Cost Controlling

-CO-PA Profitability Analysis

-CO-PC Product Cost Controlling

-CO-IO Master data Controlling In General

- 0COSTELMNT_0102_HIER Cost element (goes OK!)

- 0COSTELMNT_ATTR Cost element (error)

- 0COSTELMNT_TEXT Cost Element (goes OK!)

- etc.

Add. Info: It's related to 'compound info-object'.