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Oct 11, 2005 at 12:03 PM

JMS sender adapter conversion prblem


Hi All,

I am sending this query again as I think there is some confusion in understanding my problem


I am using JMS adapter to read data from MQ. The length of each segment is fixed.

The problem is there is <b>no new line</b> character at the end of each segment .So JMS adapter is just reading the first line and not reading the rest.

What I found out that if I place a <b>new line character</b> at the end of <b>each segment</b> (i.e. The program that is used to upload this data from a file to MQ appends a new line char at the end of each line), it works fine.

But for me I have a constraint that in MQ the source system cannot send a new line character at the end of each segment (i.e at the end of each line). So can any one tell me how can I solve this issue?

I tried using <b>xml.endSeparator '0x0D'</b> in the module processor also as per one gentle man's suggestion . But it also does not work.

The sample data that I am getting from MQ is:




Then in the module processor I have defined

xml.recordsetStructure NameA,1,NameB,*


xml.NameA.fieldNames MyKey,field-nameA

xml.NameA.fieldFixedLengths 2,7


xml.NameA.fieldNames MyKey,field-nameB

xml.NameB.fieldFixedLengths 2,5

We are using SP13.

The length of each segment is fixed.

Any help is appreciated