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Nov 11, 2013 at 03:41 PM

Many SPL blocks caused by one-word SPL names


Dear Experts

We have many blocks while spl screening caused by one word SPL Names. We have maintained the search term value as 90% and Originating feature as 90%. Here the system is blocking business partner when just one word in name is matching with SPL entry.

Example1: BP Name: BANCA NAZIONALE DEL LAVORO SPA (Bank Master record:IT0100568890)

SPL Master Name: "ADEL",

Here the match is only with DEL out of 5 words. It should not be a match as per the config settings.

Example2: the business partner 129992 (Customer) name is Jose Sison.

SPL Master name: Jose

As per the requirement, the business partner name is not fully matched with SPL name, so it should not be a hit. But the screening results is Hit though only one partner name word is matching with SPL name. But the originating percentage maintained as 90%.

Not sure why this is working like this when we have configured the settings like phrase comparison direction to Business partner. Is this kind of setting will not work in GTS 8.0, i mean will it work only with TREX.

The configuration design is like the phrase comparison direction is linked to business partner. So, this should not happen.

Please provide your inputs on this issue to reduce the blocks caused by one word SPL names.