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How to move Universe from one system to other

Hi All,

Basically am a ABAPer, am new to SAP BI/BO environment. I am facing an issue in BO Report, i followed the below procedure for creating and moving the report:

1) I have created a secured connection in universe using already existing cube in BI, and given login credentials of DEV system.

2) Saved the universe in BOD(development folder).

3) Created report in Webi Tool using the above universe, i got data everything working fine in DEV system.

4) I moved(Promoted) the Webi report from DEV to PRD using LCM(Life Cycle Management), i cant see the universe in Manage Dependency part of universe, i don't know whether we can move universe using LCM.

5) After moving the Webi report to PRD system i created another connection in DEV with connection type as Shared. And used this connection for the universe which is in DEV and selected Save for all user check box and saved the universe in BOP(production folder).

6) And Opened the universe in PRD system and selected the secured connection, and exported the Universe.

7) When i run the Webi Report in PRD system no data is coming. i even tested whether data is available for the date given in cube level also, data is available in cube level.

I tested the connection in universe parameter also, it is working fine. what would be the reason for not getting the data?. Am i following correct step in moving the universe to PRD. Please shed some light on this issue, and help me to solve this.



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4 Answers

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    Former Member
    Nov 09, 2013 at 03:46 PM

    Hi Rithika,

    You are suppose to see the universe name when you click on Manage Dependency, if not try moving only Universe by creating New Job with out Report.



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    Former Member
    Nov 09, 2013 at 05:17 PM

    what BOBJ environment you are in ? looks like you are creating a universe on a cube and then using LCM (so is it a relational BI universe using JCO) ? you should ideally be using BICS if you have a BEx built on the cube... if you have created a universe and then built a webi then when promoting the through LCM you should see the universe in the dependency folder... If not then there could be a problem with the repository object reference which will be a little difficult to fix for you considering you are a beginner.I Suggest to create a SAP support message for it..

    Now after promotion does the promotion is successful which should ideally fail as the dependent object not available in the next environment..

    Now that explains the issue you are having in prod.. you should not be creating any universe in prod .

    I don't understand  what you mean by "And Opened the universe in PRD system and selected the secured connection, and exported the Universe."  as there is no universe promoted in the first place...

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    • Dear Mishra,

      Thanks for your detailed reply. I will explain you step by step what i did for creating report in BO.

      1) We are using BO 4.0 SP2

      2) I created cube and query in BI side, and in extended tab of query i have selected By OLE DB for OLAP checkbox to use the query in BO side.

      3) Created Universe which is explained in below screen shot

      Universe Parameter

      Connection Type:

      Connection folder path:

      Universe saved path:

      4) After saving the universe i have saved the  universe in the above path as shown in figure, which is my local system.

      5) Then i have exported the universe.

      6) Created report in Webi Tool using this Universe. I have saved Webi report and checked data, it is coming correctly.

      7) Then when moving report using LCM, i can't see universe when creating job.

      8) And to answer your question i have mentioned "And Opened Universe in PRD" because, when i did'nt get my universe in LCM, i thought of saving the universe in @imssolbop_6400 which is production folder in my local system, and when saving i saved the universe with shared connection and save for all users. I thought this is the way to move the universe, and opened the universe in PRD system from the folder which i saved, changed the connection to secured and clicked export.

      what would be the problem, where am i doing mistake. Please suggest.



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    Former Member
    Nov 11, 2013 at 05:43 AM

    Hi Rithika,

    Use LCM tool to transport from one server to another server, i.e Dev->QA>Prod

    Step by step guide to use Lifecycle Management Console for content deployment in repositories across BO landscape.

    Create New Job

    • Define a new Job Name or copy existing job.
    • Set folder to save job.
    • Select Source System to promote objects. How to Manage BO systems is explained below.
    • Select Destination System to promote contents to. You can also choose LCMBIAR as an option to export contents which can be imported to destination system.

      Assign Objects to Job.

    • Select Objects from Source System repository.
    • Add Objects to Job.
    • Select added objects and click manage dependencies.
    • Select dependent objects and apply changes.

    Manage Systems

    • Click on Administrative Options -> Manage Systems
    • Click on Add New system button to manage systems.
    • Provide technical details like Host Name, Port Number etc.
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  • Nov 11, 2013 at 07:54 AM

    Dear All,

    After lots and lots of try i am able to see universe in LCM when clicking Manage dependencies, i think this time i have saved the connection which i created in common connection folder.

    After promoting the report i can able to see my universe in production. But now the problem is no data is displayed in the report in PRD system, as we are getting the data from BI i have given BI Production user name and password for the connection which we create in universe after moving to PRD, but still am not able to see the data. Please shed some light on this problem.



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