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Jan 14, 2017 at 02:08 PM

Plant to plant STO using IDoc


Hello everyone,

I have one scenario where two plants exists in different server under the same company code. Because of the upgrade one plant has been moved to another server. Let's say, plant 'A' exists in server 1 and plant 'B' exits in server 2. Process to be mapped is STO between these two plants using IDoc.

Plant A - Raises STO over plant B - Outbound IDoc

Plant B - Creation of outbound delivery - Inbound IDoc

In Plant 'A', in WE20 i have used IDoc outbound parameters as below,

Message type : ORDERS, Basic type : ORDERS05 and Process code : ME10.

In this step, IDoc is successfully triggered and received in Plant 'B'.

Now, here i am experiencing the difficulty to generate outbound delivery document. Below are my questions,

In plant B, in WE20, what should be the inbound parameters, which IDoc message type and basic type should be used, so that outbound delivery gets created.

Has anyone worked on similar kind of requirement ? Please suggest on above questions and any other setting which is required to successfully process inbound IDoc in plant B.

I have checked number of posts on the forum but didn't get a solution, so posting this question.

Appreciate your help.

Thank you.