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Nov 08, 2013 at 11:26 PM

Please help me to implement the Banking scenario in PI 7.3, with below mentioned Limitation


Dear Experts,

I will explain my scenario and limitation in brief followed by the questions.

Description of scenario

  • § Currently the customer is running their interfaces using SAP business connector and now they have decided to move on SAP PI 7.3 with fresh implementation from scratch.
  • § The involved system in this interface are SAP ECC(FICO) as a sender side and bank at receiver side, moreover this is synchronous scenario.
  • § From SAP ECC(FI) side there is a background job which runs and generate the bank statement request as text file. The text file will be converted in the form of XML by SAP business connector and then SAP BC will send this XML request to bank over HTTPS to bank URL .
  • § Bank will send the response(bank statement ) as a status over the same session in the form of xml file to SAP business connector , again SAP BC will convert this file as a text file, and place this file in server folder. From this folder , bank statement files (MT940) will be uploaded to SAP ECC(FI) with help of standard SAP program.
  • § The process of uploading the file to SAP ECC(FI) is done by a SAP standard program which looks for the folder location on server and then upload the files to the SAP ECC(FI), which cannot be changed.

challenge and Limitation

  • § Customer does not want to use file adapter in SAP PI 7.3, they are insisting me to implement as RFC to HTTP synchronous scenario in PI 7.3.
  • § Bank only accept request in the form of xml file on Bank secured URL and send the response back also in the form of xml file.
  • § Bank does not support any FTP or SFTP and webservices


  • § How can achieve this scenario in PI 7.3 without using file adapter, as I have motioned, the bank response always should be placed in a folder or directory location, from where SAP standard program will pick-up the file and upload in SAP ECC(FI).
  • § Even though if I will be able to convince my customer to use file adapter then How can I use file adapter for synchronous communication.
  • § How can I make this as a synchronous scenario? how many adapter do I need to use to accomplish this scenario in PI 7.3.
  • § I need to implement SSL as well in PI 7.3 for security, because bank accept the message only over HTTPS

Please suggest me the best approach to implement this scenario in PI 7.3 with the above limitation. Also, Please let me know if anything is not clear in the above description.

Your help is always appreciated.