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Nov 08, 2013 at 11:03 AM

Problems on LMDB/SLD sync process for duplicated hostnames


Hello forum,

That problem only occurs while setup the solution manager scenario in a VAR where managed systems are from different customers, that share sames "common" system ID and hostname like "PRD(sapprd)".

The problem start on SLD where there only can exist one system ID by the same hostname as indicated on SLD help:

A unique identifier for the computer system, as determined by CIM_System. Use any type of network name here, which must be unique in the system landscape, otherwise the network cannot work. For this reason, be careful when you merge two landscapes from separate networks. The name formats are predefined in CIM_ComputerSystem; SAP uses a subset of them (see the VALUEMAP of NameFormat). Alternative names (aliases, multiple network adapters) have to written to OtherIdentifyingInfo[]. Identifying host names in SLD must be written lower case without any network domain. This implies to use different System Landscape Directories for network domains having name conflicts at this level. The typical reason for such naming conflicts are multiple IT organisations being merged over time.

And the problem continues with LMDB sync process, LMDB create a technical system for each time that SLD has change that PRD from different data supplies, but if there is anyone more technical system with the same system ID and hostname LMDB delete it ¡¡

To try help you to understand the issue i try to create a picture with the process and problem:

I search information on forums, debugg, sap notes, etc... but only find information about how to delete duplicates entries in LMDB/SLD; but i need that duplicate hostname that share system ID and hostname and not installation number and system number.

Relevant notes that I check:

1052122 - Host names in SLD and LMDB

1727294 - AS Java/ABAP System move functionality

1694004 - Dealing with duplicate technical system names (SIDs)

1174300 - RZ70: ABAP system name in SLD varies

764393 - Configuration of the SAP System Landscape Directory

troubleshooting for the LMDB

Guru Stephanie Janssen blog's:

A Solution for that is to have a new one SLD for each duplicate system ID and hostname,but is not suitable to setup a SLD avery time that could happens, at the moment we have a lot of PRD on sapprd, DEV on sapdev, SMP on sapsmp, etc...

Anyone now a solution for that ?

Best regards and thanks for your help,



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