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Former Member
Nov 08, 2013 at 09:03 AM

get aggregated data via oData service


Hi experts,

I have a oData service with aggregation option like that:

service namespace "example.service" {

"<schema>"."<table_name>" as "CarSales"

keys generate local "OrderId"

aggregates always (SUM of "Quantity");


And UI5 table which is generated dynamically (columns).

oData service normal works with any requests (with select, filter options, etc.), but i can't bind select operator to UI5 table (it generates request without select operator, so returns not aggregated data)

I can take aggregated data in json format (create json model, bind it to table), but the table is too big...

Can i combine operators select and filter in UI5 table (using dynamic oData requests), in order to generate request like that:

.../services/Orders.xsodata/CarSales/?$skip=1100&$top=1000&$filter = Brand eq 'BMW'&$select = Car, Quantity&$inlinecount=allpages

(writed manually)


Only filter operator within the UI5 table works good.

Thanks in advance.