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Former Member
Oct 11, 2005 at 02:53 AM

migrate a TOMCAT web project to WAS, authentication problem


Now there's a migration task from TOMCAT to SAP WAS, no EJB stuff, all under J2EE specs except the connection between form-based authentication and database.

A Realm is a "database" of usernames and passwords that identify valid users of a web application (or set of web applications), plus an enumeration of the list of roles associated with each valid user.

In many cases, it is desireable to "connect" a servlet container to some existing authentication database or mechanism that already exists in the production environment.

In Tomcat, you can configure Realm in server.xml to enable this function with its own implementation, a <Realm> element and an implementation of org.apache.catalina.realm.Realm which is an interface.

I would like to know how's this situation realized in SAP WAS enviroment, a pluggable login modules or something else