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Nov 07, 2013 at 10:11 PM

Help with Broadcasting - Bursting


Hi, I have reviewed the documents, blogs and documentation about bursting and I can't seem to grasp the full concept of bursting with Master Data. I'm thinking that the functionality is very limited as there doesn't seem to be any clear examples out there. Can someone asnwer a couple of questions that might add some clarity? Thanks for any help with this! 1. Can I create my own master data or dso and store the values and emails? 2. Can or does the email address have to be added to an existing master data object? 3. Can anyone let me know if bursting is possible in my situation? (and how would I configure using these 2 characteristics) I have a report I want broadcast to a lot of email addresses(100+): The report is basically by Sales Org and Partner. The email addresses I have are all assigned a Sales Org and a Partner. All are same Sales Org in my case. Some email address will have the same Sales Org and Partner as another and some email address will be assigned a partner range. The red EMAILS are managers who would receive their report for the single partner and the selection of partners they are responsible for. EmailSales OrgPartnerPartnerGroup 1EMAIL1150011111111,2222,3333EMAIL215002222EMAIL315003333Group 2EMAIL4150011111111,4444,5555,3333EMAIL515004444EMAIL615005555EMAIL715003333