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Former Member
Nov 07, 2013 at 10:02 PM

Attributes in the Component BTDOCFLOW


Hello All,

There are few attributes which start with STURCT.XXXXXX (Like STRUCK.BREL_KIND, STRUCT.CURRENCY)and there are few atrributes which are without "STURCT." extension(Like ACCOUNT_PARTNERNO, ACTACTPLN_STARTDATE). And when I am using the standard component BTDOCFLOW and context node BTDocFlow along with BTAdminH while creating a new assignment block why do I only get the attributes which start with "STRUCT." ? How do I get all the attributes which are under BTDocFlow context node ?

Where did the fields with no "STRUCT." extension(Like ACCOUNT_PARTNERNO, ACTACTPLN_STARTDATE) come in BTDocFlow context node under the component BTDOCFLOW ?

You quick response is very much appreciated.