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Nov 07, 2013 at 08:21 PM

Authentication Options on BI Launchpad


Hello all

First off, I am real new to this whole product, so please bear with me. I have searched the forums for assistance, but have hit kind of a wall on this one.

I have installed Crystal Server 2013 - I didn't use the bundled Tomcat, I went with the bare-bones Web Application Container Service. Maybe a mistake, but that remains to be seen.

All went well on the installation, and I actually have configured LDAP authentication now too. So, when I log into the CMC at

http://myserver:6405/BOE/CMC , I see an authentication drop-down with options Enterprise, LDAP Windows AD and SAP. Enterprise works, and LDAP works, so I'm happy about that.

Now, when I go to the BI Launchpad at http://myserver:6405/BOE/BI I get a login page, without a drop-down, so I can't choose LDAP, and it seems to be using Enterprise by default.

By searching these forums (and other places), I am instructed to create a file "" in the

<INSTALL_DIR>/<ENTERPRISE_DIR>./warfiles/webapps/BOE/WEB-INF/config/custom directory. I've done so, and have the following text in there:


Now, according to the README I find in this directory, I am to:

Add custom configuration files to the <BOE_Install_Dir>\<Enterprise_DIR>\warfiles\webapps\BOE\WEB-INF\config\custom folder, and then run wdeploy.

This is where I'm having my trouble....I have NO idea how to run a matter of fact, when I search my system for wdeploy, I don't even find it! Is this a result of my not using the bundled Tomcat installation - the WACS that SAP provides does not somehow support wdeploy, and therefore I won't be able to make this customization, nor even use LDAP for authentication?

Note that I have no real qualms about redoing this, and using the Tomcat if I have to, I'm just wondering if it's because Tomcat isn't there that I'm not able to customize this.

I have put this properties file in place and reboot both the application first, and then the entire Windows server, but to no avail :-(

Anyway, there you have it - am I missing something real basic here? Is what I'm trying to do even possible?

As always, any help very much appreciated..