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Nov 07, 2013 at 08:07 AM

How to Ignore reversed period dates?


We have a very strange situation regarding the basic pay infotype of the employee. While I was loading attributes of 0employee, I came across an error stating that there are invalid dates and indeed I discovered on ERP side that there are several old records with reversed start/end period dates. Example: Start Date 01/06/2013 and End Date 30/04/2013...yes, you read that right the start date is AFTER the end date. I talked to the guys responsible and they said that at one time they did something that caused this error but they can't reverse it now because there are several payroll runs that occurred after this so I have to live with it.

Now my question is how do I live with it? Is there any option to tell the system to just ignore these records during the load instead of causing errors and stopping the process?