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Nov 07, 2013 at 08:35 AM

Algorithms or approach for Yield Management


Hi All,

I am looking to optimize/maximize revenue

  1. by making sure that the right resource is working on the right project based on the skill set & time , & to leverage a larger revenue stream for a resource pricing matrix. [this is to maximum place the right skilled resource to the right customer]
  2. by making sure “time” is sold in the most efficient and most profitable way possible. There are a menu of items to choose from and leverage predictive to get to a steady growth of revenue. currently we have peak time and non peak time pricing; we want to have more pricing options to it [this is similar to seat utilizations in Airlines];

The Seats [in a.] & Skills [in b.] come with different cost based on the peak and non peak hour. [these are the only pricing model available and are planning for more option]

I am just looking at "an approach" / "algorithms to use" that will take me to the best possible solution.


Arvind E