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Nov 07, 2013 at 04:53 AM

Accounting Number field in SU01


Hi All,

In releases up to 640, there used to be a report called RSSTAT10 that would produce a list of aggregated stats records (per account, if required).

For some reason this has been discontinued as of 700.

I always populate the Accounting Number field in SU01 so that if someone asks for detailed activity for an account, I would be in a position to quickly run this report (I am aware of the limitations caused by the size of the stats file and / or the currency of the appserver session).

I have looked all over the place for documentation about the accounting number field : the best I can find is in the online help : <i>"For each user or user group, assign an account name or number of your choice. The user appears in the RZ accounting system (ACCOUNTING EXIT) under this number.

A recommended account number would be the user’s cost center or company code, for example.

You should always enter an account name or number in the SAP accounting system. The user will otherwise be assigned to a general category without account number."</i>

This doesn't help me very much. If anyone could shed some light on a new report that behaves similarly to RSSTAT10, or point me in the direction of some documentation on the ACCOUNTING EXIT / RZ Accounting System, I would be most grateful.