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Nov 06, 2013 at 05:51 AM

Warning or error message for shortfall of availability in MB21


Hi Team

I am not able to get warning or error message for shortfall quantity in MB21.


Available Quantity in Plant / SLOC: 100 qty

When I entered order quantity more than 100 qty for movement type 201 system is not giving message of short fall quantity.

I have maintained all the necessary settings in OMCP and OMCQ.

Settings in OMCP:

Movement 201 = E

Checking rule = Z1

Assigned checking rule Z1 to Availability Check Z1

Assigned check rule to Transactions = MB21 and MB22

Assigned availability check Z1 in Material Master under Sales: General/Plant Data and MRP 3 views.

Settings in OMCQ:

Version = 00

Appl = M7

Number = 181

Cat = W

After all am not getting any message for shortfall in MB21.

Can any one help me?