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Changing ECC Delivery after Distribution

Hi All,

We have a scenario here.

Inbound and Outbound Deliveries distributed to EWM . We have set that Inbound Deliveries can only be distibuted after packing in ECC and That works fine. Now when it distributed wrongly ( Incorrect packing) to EWM , to correct the same, we click on 'REJECT" button on EWM - /SCWMIPRDI . It changes status as Completed for the delivery in EWM but still unable to change/Delete the delivery in ECC ( getting message as Delivery distributed so Display only). We want to deletethe delivery and create a new Delivery to packit corrctly then distribution happens to EWM .

Is it possible to chnage / Delete inbound Delivery in ECC even if we reject the Delivery in EWM ( Status Completed) ?



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7 Answers

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    Nov 06, 2013 at 08:30 AM

    Hello Saby,

    Can i ask why you want to delete the delivery? Deletion or changing is not possible with standard tools at this point, also i don't recommend. Because you still have delivery on EWM side which can cause inconsistency.

    If you have developments on ECC considering one delivery for one purchasing document, try filtering goods movement status(VBUK-WBSTK) as not equal to 'C'.

    Best regards


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    • Hello Saby,

      You need to click on that button to send a message to ERP. This is a PPF action, start condition is outbound delivery creation. This only happens when you click this button while delivery item has zero qty or post goods issue.

      Best regards


  • Dec 10, 2013 at 01:00 AM


    If your issue is not solved,,, After moving delivery to EWM. If you want to change ERP IBD this can be achieved bu VL60. Find your del and it will change your del and create new del in EWM.

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    Nov 06, 2013 at 06:34 AM

    HI Saby

    Rejection in EWM updates the ECC inbound delivery with Zero confirmation ( Equivalent of deletion). The end result is open preceding document and you should be able to create new delivery ,pack and distribute,



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  • Nov 06, 2013 at 01:08 PM

    If the delivery is distributed wrongly with pack material , you can reject the IDN in eWM system which will complete the GR process of confirmation with zero quantity. Purchase order becomes open. system allows for creation of inbound delivery and subsequent packing.This will solve the purpose. By the way in ERP system these deliveries are getting created with ASN Idocs?


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    Aug 13, 2015 at 06:18 AM

    Hi Suraj,

    In T Code VL60 Can we change Inbound delivery already distributed in EWM. Please explain.



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    • Former Member

      Prerequisite - Put-away should be completed

      Follow below steps to use VL60 transaction.

      1. Start the transaction VL33N to display the Inbound Delivery in ERP and check delivery is completed.

      2./SCWM/PRDI - Click button form button. - Note GR is completed in Reference Document.

      3.Click Inbound Delivery main menu. Click Inbound Delivery Follow-On Functions option .

      Click Inbound Delivery Follow-On Functions Return to Vendor Ctrl+F4 option .

      4. ID Processing - All Possible with VL60: Inbound Deliv. Display

      5.Click on Quantity Difference Icon and Click on Return quantity option.

      6.And then update FDQty and Reason.

      7.Once you click on “Post” system will show below Return successfully created message. Double click on it to see the message in detail.

      8.Close message box and press F3 button.

      9.Double click on the message shown at the bottom of the Inbound Delivery screen in EWM and note down the Outbound Delivery number# 00800XXX

      10.Click button to close the screen and then check the outbound delivery to pick it for return.

      11. Now check in ECC using VL03N, if the Return delivery is created and distributed to EWM in /NSCWM/ODR

      12.check if there is any auto task created, note this needs to be a manual task with the part need to return from return bin

      13.Before creating Warehouse task, please move the stock from required Storage Bin in F2 status to SCRAP-ZONE bin in F1 status as shown below.

      14.Go to t.code /SCWM/ADPROD (Create Warehouse Product Task).

      15.Go to t.code /SCWM/MON to check stock is updated to SCRAP-ZONE or not

      16.Go to t.code /SCWM/POST (Posting Change for Warehouse).

      17.Enter fields “Qty f. Post. Change,” “Whse Proc. Type as 4010,” “Stock Type as F1”FYI: Field “Qty f. Post. Change” can be any value on how much quantity we need to change. In this example, I am moving quantity from F2 to F1 status.

      18.Click on “Create+Save” button

      19.Go to t.code /SCWM/MON to check stock is updated to F1 status in SCRAP-ZONE or not by following below steps.

      20.Now, create warehouse task for Outbound Delivery Order screen in menu, click on Outbound Delivery Order à Follow-On Functions à Warehouse Task

      21.In order to rectify this issue, please click on Default Values tab present at the bottom of the screen (highlighted in yellow in above snapshot) and enter Source Storage bin as “SCRAP-ZONE.”

      22.Save warehouse task and then confirm.

      23.Now, go to Outbound Delivery Order through t.code /SCWM/PRDO.We can see Goods Issue status is “Not Started.”

      24.Click on “Goods Issue” button and we can see Goods Issue status as “Completed” and system will show message as “Outbound Delivery XXX created” at the bottom of the page

      25.Goods Movement with M.Type 122 “Return to Vendor” is successfully posted in ECC PO.



      Irfan A B

  • Aug 15, 2015 at 08:41 PM

    Hello Konar,

    You can delete delivery in ECC but it's not advisable to delete deliveries in SAP.

    Please create new delivery and send to EWM

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    Jul 14, 2016 at 01:43 AM

    Hi Sabyasachi

    There could be a possibility that your delivery is stuck in queue. You can check /n/SCWM/MON>Tools >message que or SMQ2 on ECC side. This will show you the reason why your delivery is still distributed even though you rejected in EWM.

    Hope this helps!

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