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Nov 05, 2013 at 06:19 PM

How to allow access to a FPM form scenario for a super users in Process & Forms



I am designing a HR process through Process & forms (FPM forms), I have a couple of questions on how I can meet the requirement ?

We have a scenario where in based on a request by someone (ideally a manager) an admin user starts creating a form(i.e. putting data into the respective fields of a promotion form, status of the form is in 'draft') now while the admin is doing this we want to allow some other person(kind of a super user) to be able to view and edit the form and add in or correct the data in the existing form that was being worked on by the Admin user.

The key point to understand is that the super user doesn't necessarily want to be notified each time such a form is being created in the system but he should have a way to over see how many such forms are currently being edited or being worked on and then he can choose to go in and view one of those forms and even edit it as when required.

The status of the document should be visible on the document something like the way Appraisal document show the status & sub status

My question to you all is ... Is this possible ? If so how can I achieve this in Process & forms.

The next requirement is once the formed is filled up with all the information .. there should be a way for it to be sent to a few people for them to review it and provide comments on it, reviewer to specify if any thing needs to changes or not before the form is send out for approvals.

The key point here is these reviewer can be anybody so the admin person creating the form should have a way to specify who all this form needs to be reviewed with and on the reviewer part he should be able to provide comments which the admin should be able to view, also reviewer may or may not choose to respond but the process should not get held up due to one of the reviewer not responding.

Ideally the form should still be in draft status as potentially the admin can make changes in it before sending it for approval

My question to you all is ... how can I achieve this in Process & forms.

Please advice .. any suggestion will be greatly appreciated

Thanks in Advance