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Nov 05, 2013 at 03:39 PM

Transport prompt when creating BEx Workbook


We have been using BEx Analyzer for a long time on our BW system and users quite happily create Workbooks (using "Save Workbook As...."), and when thye do this they get no prompts for Transport Package/Number from any Bex Query.

However we have recently created a Bex query on the BW element of our APO system. Whilst the users can run the BEx Query in BEx Analyzer with no issues, when they come to save the workbook it is prompting for a Transport Package and then Transport Number every time they create a new Workbook.

I have checked in Transport Connection that the underlying query has a Transport Package, there is a default Transport number setup and open for the Transport Pakage used, and there is actually also a Standard Bex Transport open, however when saving a workbook from APO BW it prompts every time. The question is Why and how do I switch off this behaviour so BW and APO BW behave the same?

On our BW system it does not seem that there is a transport task setup in users name everytime they setup a Workbook. It feels to me that somewhere in our BW system somehow we have "swtiched off" Workbooks (and views I think) as transportable objects somehow?????? But that is just a guess. I don't know how to check this though.

Can anyone think of what may be happening here?